Smooth Sailing Through English 181

For the final Sunday Sketch I wanted to choose something that allows you to go from the beginning of a journey to an end which is why I decided to use an airplane. In order for me to do well in the course I need to incorporate multiple methods of learning and writing. Just asContinue reading “Smooth Sailing Through English 181”

Unleashing my Inner Psycho

I chose to recreate these pair of scenes because I am a huge fan of the horror/slasher genre, and there is no better choice to recreate a scene a from than one of the original movies that brought the genre to the mainstream than Psycho. Link back to original assignment:

A Thanksgiving Miscommunication

I knew that the perfect moment to “Tell a True Story” was on Thanksgiving Day when I awoke to my a series of frantic text messages from my friend that someone had thrown our food into the trash. Once I had gotten to the kitchen my friends and I all decided to confront the personContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Miscommunication”

Reflection on Literacy Narrative Part 3

The entire literacy narrative project has allowed me the opportunity to compose the same text in a variety of fashions written as my rough draft, then composed as a hand drawn comic and uploaded unto my website as a digital comic, and finally revisited with a final draft of my updated literacy comic.  When writingContinue reading “Reflection on Literacy Narrative Part 3”

Reflection of Literacy Narrative Part 2

Transforming my literacy narrative from a set of words, into a comic which combines the elements of words and pictures to tell a story was more difficult than I had originally anticipated it to be. Throughout the creative process of my comic I had to place myself back into a time period where I wasContinue reading “Reflection of Literacy Narrative Part 2”

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