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Reflection Post:Back to the Drawing Board

Whenever I am tasked with writing a paper I usually start by writing down my thesis statement and then provide evidence to support that claim; however, the inductive format of writing proved to be much more challenging than I thought. Instead of having some faint idea to base my whole essay off of, I was forced to just write and hope for the best. Although this style was new to me having the opportunity to sit down and analyze the though process what went into crafting these novels was eye opening. I felt that as I was tracing I was able to see why the author’s chose to stylistically implement some format of their writing over traditional prose. I felt as though tracing the pages of the novels helped me to see why Tillie Walden chose to manipulate her gutters in a way that created tension and why David Small chose to draw lighthearted situations with more curves and details than serious panels.

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