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How Great is my Life Going?

Days with Score Above 15: Very Good Day
Days with Score Between 8-15 : Average Day
Days With Score Less than 8: Bad Day

I wanted to track the amount of times that I was performing actions that gave me a sense of comfort. These actions were to be indicative of how well the course of my week was going. Every time I would have a low count day I noticed that it was correlated to events that were making me stressed out and/or anxious. I noticed right away that the more fun or less stressed out I was, the “happier” I perceived my day to be going. I also noticed that although I wasn’t having any problems on Monday I had a low score simply for the fact that the “Monday” energy was hitting me. My “weekend” days Friday- Sunday were notably higher because I knew that I wouldn’t have to be concerned with quizzes, tests, or work.

If I were to continue this project I would have looked to make sure that even if I had personal issues during the week, I would not let them impact my mood for the day. I found this tool to be valuable for me because generally I think that most of my days are pretty terrible but being able to quantify my day with numbers helped me see that my days weren’t as bleak as I had originally anticipated. Being able to see my life as a set of bars on a graph helped me to see that I am capable of controlling how to navigate my issues, and not let them have as big of an impact on my life or of those around me.

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